Michigan Fishing Resorts | Wilderness Bay Lodge & Resort | Laura – First Shipment for Sweet Shop Arrived!

Big week this week! Topping our exciting news is Juls candy for her sweet shop got delivered! The timing was perfect as Juls needed a little “pick me up.” Well, nothing like 55 pounds of candy to brighten your mood.  It really helped her to see that this really is going to happen and we’re not just all talk. Our friend Nancy was in town and bought some old fashioned cherry cola sticks, Juls first customer! The dollar and their picture will be framed on the wall in Juls Sweet Shop, never mind that it was 1pm and Juls was still in her pj’s for the photo! We keep telling her she is going to have to roll out of bed way before noon to be ready for our customers!

More exciting news, all the dog poop that our two big dogs deposited all winter in their very carefully and strategically placed plots of land has been picked up.  Dan busted the pooper scooper that we’ve had for years.  On the last day in our home in Iowa he went and picked up all the dog poop in our yard so the new owners would not have to move into a home with a yard full of ick.  In the process the pooper scooper bit the dust from over use I’m sure.  I mention this for two reasons, I want the you to know the kind of man Dan is and how he always does the right thing for others, but also to tell you we picked up poop with old spatulas as we didn’t have anything else to use that was handy.  And what did we put it in you ask?? Well an old soup pot lined with a Walmart bag of course!  The entire scene was disgusting but we found ourselves laughing pretty hard at what we’ve become. I should also tell you those were all discarded dishes that we were getting rid of.  I don’t want people to wonder every time they cook with our dishes, lol

The wild life is coming out in full force.  Last night on my way home a HUGE bird flew in front of my windshield.  It was probably an owl but it caught me off guard and in the pitch dark I was certain it was a velociraptor! As I was coming to my senses about dinosaurs in the woods, I saw six little headlights coming down the road, nope, not head lights, three raccoons running toward my car! Those guys got into our dumpster too and left a mess.  We will be putting a pad lock on that as I am pretty sure raccoons don’t have thumbs to pick locks.


Today Dan met with Jim the “t -shirt guy” as we’ve been calling him.  We placed an order for sweat shirts, t shirts and hats with our logo on them.  It is cool to have designed our logo together and now we will be putting it out there on apparel, signs, letterhead, koozies!!  Another step forward!

Cabins are lookin’ good, Dan vacuumed a Canadian goose butt that is mounted on the wall, there will be no feather left unturned! Dishes, tv’s, toasters, microwaves and all the comforts of home are being put in all the cabins.  We will have a nice variety of dishes, pots and pans etc in each cabin, right down to a carrot peeler and cheese grater! This is the fun part for me, I love to organize and make the things homey.  This is the part I’ve been waiting for! A few more days of cleaning and we will be ready to make beds! Speaking of beds, Dan says “fishermen won’t care about throw pillows”…. I disagree, a man can appreciate a 10 pound walleye and still have an eye for a good decorative pillow. 

Dan (along with the help of our brother in law Joe, my sister Suz and friends Rick and Nancy from White Bear Lake MN) put up all the shelving for the convenience store! We have been using this open space for a “staging area” for dishes, grill items, etc etc for cabins.  We divided all the cabins up and had a row of these items all lined up.  I was reminded of when I was young and bought new school supplies.  The entire last week of summer, I would go through my things and line them up, admire them, put my name on them … I had that same sort of excitement while getting these things all set for our guests! Suz, Nance and I loaded up the truck and delivered the items to each cabin.  We got back and all the shelves were up in the store! Bring on the Cheetos and Slim Jims, a convenience store is about to be born!


I am now working in the operating room at Aspirus Hospital in Iron River MI.  I get up at 445 and hit the road.  My drive is straight on Highway 2.  Juls calls it the “never ending road,”as when you look straight ahead, it seems to go on forever in a straight line.  I use my commute time to enjoy the pine and birch trees that stand at the side of the road, it’s picturesque.  This morning the sky looked like cotton candy, pink and blue… I thought about how blessed I am to live here and see this every day.  There have been a ton of changes as we settle here in the Northwoods. There is no fast food nearby, no shopping, no fancy coffee shops.  I love all those things but have traded them for some new loves, the pine trees that go on forever into the woods, the deer that come to our resort every evening for corn from our old licorice container, the stars that are so bright at night they seem to move.  I even went and got Dan the other night because I was convinced “the stars were moving.” Lol… I am excited for our guest to experience these things, if even just for a week or two.  May 1st, the day that seemed would never come, is quickly approaching.  The stars and pine trees are ready, and we are almost ready too!!



Wilderness Bay Lodge and Resort is a family oriented facility located in Watersmeet, Michigan on Thousand Island Lake within the Cisco chain of lakes.  We offer snowmobiling and ice fishing in the winter months and game fishing for muskie, northern pike, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, walleye, crappie and bluegill in the spring, summer and fall months.  We offer waterfront cabins, boat rental, a candy shop and convenience store where you can purchase hunting and fishing licenses.  We pride ourselves on being family oriented with the desire to a place that you will call your home away from home.  New owners Dan and Laura Hance are excited for this opportunity.  Dan comes to this resort with thirty years of experience within the hospitality field and Laura will continue nursing with over twenty five years of knowledge and experience within the health care field.  Dan and Laura want their love for people, their work ethic and combined talents to make Wilderness Bay their dream come true.  We look forward to hearing from you!




  • Tamra Hostens 03/30/2017 at 9:29 am

    This is SO exciting!!! Love reading all about your adventures!


    • Wilderness Bay 04/18/2017 at 8:34 pm

      Whoop whoop!! The Facebook Queen needs to visit!! Love seeing YOUR posts about Stoney back home!! Thanks for your post Tamra!!


  • Gail Benson 03/30/2017 at 12:52 pm

    Loved reading about what’s happening in the north woods….wishing u all the best as u move into your season….miss your smiling face but so happy 4 u experiencing you r new adventure!!!!hugs!


    • Wilderness Bay 04/18/2017 at 8:33 pm

      Aww…so nice of you to post Gail!! Miss being there too, but we aren’t that far away for you to visit!!!


  • Mary Orth -Beth's mom 03/30/2017 at 6:36 pm

    So happy for you all! It sounds like all is going well!


  • Sue Swanson 03/30/2017 at 7:16 pm

    I love to read your blog, Laura. What a great adventure. Hope we can make it up there someday. Sounds like the makings of a TV show.


  • Anonymous 03/30/2017 at 7:28 pm

    Can’t wsit to see it all…do you get northern lights up there?


    • Wilderness Bay 04/18/2017 at 8:30 pm

      Thanks so much! We haven’t seen the Northern Lights yet, but friends have told us they have! We are told they are more colorful in the winter!


  • Anonymous 04/24/2017 at 4:06 pm

    Glad your getting the place going again. Stayed there for many years.


  • Herman Voss 05/11/2017 at 1:05 am

    Glad to hear someone has reopened the resort, stayed there back in the mid 90’s and since then have been at vacation land.
    Would always stop here for bait and license and to see previous owner Tom Schwanke.
    Looking forward to stopping in to met you all when i’ll be coming up 1st week in June.


    • Wilderness Bay 05/20/2017 at 7:48 pm

      Thanks Herman! Craig and Lisa are great people over at Vacationland Resort. (but we are too!!) Come by and see us when you are here in June!! Thanks!



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